Dear users of Ikov,

I'm here to bring you some unfortunate news, Ikov will be closing it's doors permanently.

As you guys may know Ikov was an illegal operation, we were using Jagex LTD's material to create this game.

You can play the original/real game at

To private server owners out there, I'd suggest thinking twice about your RSPS operation as it can get you in really big trouble.

The folks at Jagex have spent years developing this material and we don't have any rights whatsoever to use their stuff. A lot of you guys are very smart & creative people, would you want to put that at risk by doing something as little as RSPS? Keep on expanding your knowledge and maybe one day you'll be able to create something yourself as cool as Runescape or even something bigger, have faith. The sky is the limit.

To the players, I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for playing Ikov, you guys have given me an incredible time & learning experience. In this short amount of time we nearly put every single RSPS to shame and that is all thanks to you, the players. I'd just like to emphasize that I really did my best to keep Ikov alive, I worked so hard and this is the reason we didn't update the past week or so.. if there was a way for me too personally keep it running I would have.

I do suggest not finding another RSPS as in the end each and every one of them will be shutdown so you're only going to be wasting your time, it's only a matter of time before they're shut down. Some last longer than others due to variable but none can survive for ever.

To those wondering, our source code is not for sale.

I'm so so so sorry...

David, proud Ikov owner.

(For those who will say it was just a money making scheme, be logical. It would have made alot of money if it stayed online, it really just wasn't an option. Those sites who I have purchased an advertisement spot from, you have my permission to disable them.)